Crafted by hand, cherished by the heart,

In each ornament, love plays its part.

Handmade in Transylvania

Beauty in Every Detail – Exquisite Christmas Ornaments, a Symphony of Skill and Passion! Each delicate piece, a whisper of holiday spirit, handcrafted to perfection.

In the year 1994, our journey commenced with a humble duo, driven by an immense passion for the ancient craft of glassblowing and the artful hand-painting of glass Christmas globes. Within the heart of our family-run atelier, we kindled the flame of traditional artisanship, drawing together a tapestry of skilled artisans whose hands shape, paint, and breathe life into each unique globe.

As the years have woven their stories, our labor of love has traversed oceans and continents, finding a cherished place in homes across Europe, the bustling cities of America, the vast expanses of Russia, and the serene landscapes of Japan. Our commitment to the environment is unwavering, as is our dedication to working with master artists, ensuring every piece is not only exquisite but also kind to our planet.

With the annual unveiling of hundreds of new designs at the illustrious Christmasworld fair in Frankfurt, we waltz hand in hand with innovation, harmonizing the latest trends with the timeless hues of tradition to satiate our customers’ evolving tastes. Our nimbleness, a dance of adaptability and creativity, empowers us to craft exclusive, limited-series designs that are eagerly awaited and warmly embraced by those seeking the extraordinary.

Each globe, a delicate orb spun from dreams and adorned with the intricate lace of paint, sparkles with the magic of Christmas. They are treasures scattered across the globe, gracing the festive fir trees of family homes, the grandeur of royal palaces, the hallowed halls of ancient churches, and even the stately quiet of presidential residences.

We stand as the beacon for retailers on the quest for unparalleled, handcrafted glass Christmas globes—each a testament to the enchanting allure of handiwork. With pride swelling in our chests, we offer a cornucopia of designs, each more mesmerizing than the last. Our pledge is to the magic of Christmas, to the whispers of joy in children’s laughter, and to the silent promises of love exchanged under the mistletoe. For thirty years and beyond, we are PRODGLOB—where every globe is not just a decoration, but a portal to a world of wonder, a collector of memories, and a carrier of joy.