Crafted with vision, embraced by the soul,

In each abstract piece, creativity has its role

Handmade in Transylvania

Abstract Collection

The “Abstract” collection from PRODGLOB is a captivating array of handcrafted Christmas ornaments that transcend traditional design boundaries. Each ornament in this collection is a celebration of contemporary artistry, showcasing bold, unconventional shapes and a vivid palette of colors. These pieces are more than mere decorations; they are avant-garde expressions of festive joy.

Crafted by skilled Romanian artisans, the ornaments in the “Abstract” collection feature intricate designs that challenge the conventions of holiday decor. The use of sweeping lines, geometric patterns, and abstract forms results in a dynamic visual experience. The color schemes are carefully chosen to create striking contrasts and harmonies, making each ornament a standout piece.

From swirls that mimic the fluidity of modern paintings to geometric shapes that play with perception, every globe is a unique piece of art. The collection is ideal for those who appreciate the fusion of traditional glass-blowing techniques with cutting-edge design concepts.

In the “Abstract” collection, PRODGLOB has pushed the boundaries of what a Christmas ornament can be. Each globe is not just a festive decoration but a statement piece, perfect for adding a touch of contemporary elegance to any holiday setting.

Whether displayed on a Christmas tree or as a part of a centerpiece, these ornaments are sure to spark conversations and captivate the imagination.

Every handcrafted Christmas decoration is available in 8, 10 and 12 cm diameters, catering to diverse styles and spaces. For convenience and safety, they’re neatly packed in boxes of 8, perfect for gifting or personal use. Choose your size, and let the festive charm unfold.