Crafted by hand, cherished by the heart,

In each ornament, love plays its part.

Handmade in Transylvania

Our collections

The PRODGLOB collections are an exceptionally diverse and captivating array of meticulously handcrafted Christmas ornaments, each embodying unique and distinctive themes, as well as styles. From the traditional designs that evoke a deep sense of nostalgia to the contemporary creations that mirror and reflect the current trends, these collections showcase the intricate artistry and unwavering quality craftsmanship of our dedicated Romanian artisans. Each collection offers a distinct aesthetic, ensuring a wide variety of choices to suit the different tastes and individual preferences for holiday decor, enriching your festive experience with elegance and charm.


Abstract wonders, in colors bold,
Artistic tales, unspoken, told.
Forms unbound, in vivid hue,
Each globe, a vision, ever new.

Deep Ocean

Deep Ocean’s spheres, in azure deep,
Marine wonders, in glass, they keep.
Coral hues, and seaweed swirl,
Each globe, an underwater pearl.

Must Have

Essential orbs, in Must Have’s hold,
Stories new, in patterns bold.
Classic, chic, they stand apart,
Each a masterpiece, a work of heart.


Retro’s charm, in bright array,
Colors of past, in modern play.
Each swirl, a retro delight,
Nostalgic beauty, in every light.

New Antiques

New Antiques, a blend of time,
Modern strokes, and classic rhyme.
Hand-blown glass, with chic detail,
Sophistication, in each tale.

3 D

3D tales in glass embossed,
Winter scenes, in textures glossed.
Relief and depth, in each sphere,
Bringing festive stories near.


Classic collection, timeless lure,
Hand-painted stories, pure and sure.
Echoes of past, in each design,
Yuletide elegance, ever so fine.

Gold Treasure

Gold Treasure, shimmering bright,
Luxurious glint, in festive light.
Handcrafted spheres, with golden sheen,
In every globe, a festive dream.