ProdGlob – 30 years of excellence

Rooted in tradition and celebrating 30 years of excellence, PRODGLOB is a testament to the timeless beauty of Christmas ornaments. From the early European custom of decorating trees with fruits and candles to symbolize hope and light, to the 16th-century innovation of glass baubles by skilled glassblowers, our heritage is rich with history.

At PRODGLOB, we honor this lineage, expertly crafting each ornament by hand in Romania, mouth-blown and silvered inside to ensure a depth of luxury. We collaborate with esteemed suppliers such as Schott, Kaiser Lacke, Sigmund Lindner, and Valspar Industry to deliver unrivaled quality.

Our collection is a celebration of Christmas past and present, a bridge between the artistry of yesteryears and the contemporary charm of today. Discover the unique legacy of PRODGLOB, where every ornament is a piece of history, lovingly created to add a personal touch to your holiday season.

Handcrafted all the way, the production steps are

1. Glass Blowing: This initial step involves heating glass to a molten state. An artisan then blows into a tube, carefully shaping the hot glass into a perfect sphere.

2. Silvering: Inside the hollow glass sphere, a special silver nitrate solution is applied. This process creates a mirror-like interior, essential for the classic shine of Christmas balls.

3. Drying: The silvered balls are set aside to dry, a crucial step to ensure the silver coating adheres properly and evenly to the glass interior.

4. Decoration: Artists hand-paint each ball with detailed designs and patterns. This step infuses each piece with its unique character and charm.

5. Final Touches: Additional decorations, like glitter or appliqués, are added to the exterior. This final step enhances the visual appeal and festive spirit of the Christmas balls.

Our collections

The PRODGLOB collections are a diverse array of handcrafted Christmas ornaments, each embodying unique themes and styles. From traditional designs that evoke a sense of nostalgia to contemporary creations that reflect current trends, these collections showcase the intricate artistry and quality craftsmanship of Romanian artisans. Each collection offers a distinct aesthetic, ensuring a variety of choices to suit different tastes and preferences for holiday decor.


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New Antiques

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In this season of joy and light,
Homes aglow, in festive delight.
For thirty years, with care we’ve sewn,
PRODGLOB’s magic in every home.

Ornaments dangle, memories twine,
In each globe, a story divine.
Crafted with love, each piece imparts,
Christmas joy, from our hearts to yours.